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Who we are

We are an academic research group at MIT, affiliated with the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (http://cee.mit.edu/), the Department of Biological Engineering (http://web.mit.edu/be/), the MIT-Woods Hole Oceanographic Joint Program (http://mit.whoi.edu/), and the MIT graduate program in Microbiology (http://web.mit.edu/microbiology/).

We are also investigators and participants in the Center of Microbial Oceanography: Research and Education, a National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center. (http://cmore.soest.hawaii.edu/)

What we do

The DeLong lab investigates the structure, function and ecological significance of indigenous microbial communities in a variety of settings.

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New Project!

Investigating dissolved organic matter in the microbial loop
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and MIT

More information about the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and the Marine Microbiology Initiative can be found here:

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